Who we are, and where do we come from?

Seven years ago, we started as a small email marketing company working for a big Dutch Travel Agency. It turned out so successful that within years we were sending enormous volume in more than 15 countries around the world. As a result, we were outgrowing our existing email tools, which lead to unwanted risks and delays. Since deliverability became key to our business, we needed to have full control over our email campaigns.

We took matters in our own hands and decided to purchase our own advanced SMTP server. It ran simultaneously with the previous existing platforms that we had connected, and we noticed that our own server had not only better deliverability, more important, it also resulted in a higher ROI.
More and more friends in the business reached to us out for help and asked if they could take benefit of using our mail server. Not long after that, we decided to market our product, and Inboxroad was born.