InboxRoad helps us get the delivery we need for our highly critical emails

Michaël Krens - Chief Technology Officer at SignRequest

Ongage users benefit from InboxRoad by optimizing deliverability and maximizing overall email succes

Danny Tal - VP Sales & Business Development at Ongage

We use InboxRoad for our daily deals website and are continued to be amazed at our delivery rates

Koen Verburgt - General Manager at 6Deals

Our support team welcomes you!

The InboxRoad team is dedicated to get you the highest possible deliverability. When you start you will receive all the needed information and support to get you going. You can always reach us by email and if you are looking for more personalised support (via Skype) you can choose our Premium or Custom plan.

What if I send more than my plan allows?

For the exceeding emails you will be charged the exact same CPM as your current plan. If you exceed your plan consistently, you can consider upgrading to a bigger package.

Billing process

Plan fees are charged to your credit card on a recurring monthly basis. Exceeding CPM, if any, will be charged the next month.

Additional IPs

We are able to add additional dedicated IPs to your current plan. For each additional IP we charge € 19 a month.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

How to I cancel my account

To cancel your account submit a ticket with your request 15 days before the end of the month. We do not offer refunds.


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