Why Eventura chose Inboxroad: Insights before you buy SMTP

In this interview session, we delve into the world of SMTP and the essential factors customers should consider before choosing a solution. We are pleased to present you a client who has selected Inboxroad as their preferred SMTP service provider, aiming to understand their experiences, reasons for choosing Inboxroad, and the key priorities customers should have when selecting an SMTP service. 

As organizations increasingly rely on email communication, a robust and trustworthy email delivery infrastructure becomes crucial. Inboxroad addresses this need by offering exceptional deliverability rates, advanced reporting, custom advice and dedicated customer support.


Join us to explore how Inboxroad’s specialized solutions and dependable infrastructure can enhance email communications, increase deliverability, and drive business growth.


Eventura.us, a leading consulting and training portal, focuses on providing regulatory and quality training to professionals and organizations from various industries, across the globe. Since their founding in 2012, they have successfully trained professionals from small and large companies. Their prominent reputation has earned them high recognition of companies who consider them to be an integral part of their technical training programs.

We asked Uttam Kumar Mandal about some insights and here is what he shared.


1. Tell us a bit about your business.

We at Eventura intend to create a strategic niche in the training industry by providing rigorous continuing education to professionals from quality and regulatory background in Life Sciences, as well as professionals from the HR, Healthcare, IT, Trade & Logistics, Banking & Finance, Aerospace and many other Cross-functional industries. To achieve this goal, we employ the latest technologies in order to reduce costs and ensure that our customers receive cutting-edge training adapted to the contemporary business environment. Internationally scalable solutions are fully integrated and help clients meet stringent demands of regulatory authorities. Eventura is a brand of FutureCorp Consulting Inc.


2. What led you to choose Inboxroad?

Deliverability quality is much better than other competitors compared to pricing, Awesome customer service


3. How have you found our customer support and service levels?

Customer service is brilliant. I have always got a prompt response if there was an issue with the tech team or the account management team.


4. How do you measure the success and ROI of your email communications, and how has Inboxroad contributed to those metrics?

Well, we have gradually increased the number of sends from the day we started sending out with Inboxroad. We are able to penetrate our target customers effectively and efficiently which led us to potential growth in our sales. 


5. What advice would you give to other businesses or organizations that are evaluating different SMTP service providers, and what key factors should they prioritize in their decision-making process?

Customer Service. Excellent customer service is what makes all the difference. A good support system to run things smoothly whenever anyone is stuck and help the client get back on track ASAP is what is a priority in their decision making process . 


6. What are some emerging trends or technologies in the world of email marketing, and how do you see those trends shaping the future?

The way we communicate has undoubtedly changed over time, as we have seen with the evolution of SMTP since 1983. There hasn’t been a reliable alternative to email marketing, but by far this has been the most efficient and affordable method of reaching the general public. Email marketing will undoubtedly rank at the top in the coming years with all the new technologies that are being developed, including AI.


7. What new features or capabilities would you like to have with your SMTP provider?

A few extras we would like to have are a webhook to process the bounces and unsubscribes. We would like to be able to find out who opens and who does not so we could weed out inactive data easier. Also, more graphical representation of the campaign reports always help better understanding the situation.