How does buying SMTP Services differ from using a free email provider like Gmail or Yahoo?

Whether used for personal or business purposes, email has become a crucial component of our daily communication. With just a few clicks, we may communicate with individuals anywhere in the world thanks to this straightforward and dependable application. 

However, organizations and people need to be more cautious about their email communications given the surge in spam and security issues. 

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) services can be used in this situation. In this post, we’ll examine the differences between purchasing SMTP services and using a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo and explain why Inboxroad is a trustworthy option to take into account.


SMTP Services Vs. Free Email Providers

SMTP services are made to make it easier for people and organizations to send and receive emails through their own domain name. This enhances email deliverability and presents a more professional impression. The degree of control and customization that businesses have over their email messages is one of the key distinctions between using a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo and purchasing SMTP services.

Businesses may set up their own email servers, establish sophisticated email settings, and combine email interactions with other tools and systems with the help of SMTP services. With free email services, businesses are only able to use the tools and settings that are offered by the provider, thus this level of control is not available.

Security and privacy are two more important distinctions. SMTP services offer more sophisticated security and privacy features like encryption and two-factor authentication, whereas free email providers often only offer basic security features like spam filtering and virus scanning. This can aid in safeguarding confidential data and preventing unauthorized access to email accounts.

Another aspect to take into account is price. Free email services like Gmail and Yahoo are exactly what their names imply—free. They might, however, include characteristics like storage and attachment size restrictions. On the other hand, SMTP providers normally provide a variety of pricing plans that vary according to the quantity of email accounts, available storage, and features.

One other crucial aspect to take into account when contrasting SMTP services with free email providers is email deliverability. With SMTP services, businesses can customize their email settings to adhere to best practices and prevent being marked as spam, giving them greater control over email deliverability. On the other hand, free email providers can be more likely to filter emails or send them to the spam folder.


Why Choose Inboxroad?

Leading SMTP service provider Inboxroad provides both organizations and individuals with a variety of services and advantages. 

Let us show you why Inboxroad is the best option for you and how we can help your company enhance the deliverability outcomes if you’re still debating which SMTP solution to choose.


Reliable and Scalable Platform

One of the main advantages of choosing Inboxroad is the reliable email delivery. We use a range of advanced technologies to ensure that emails are delivered promptly and securely. With a 99.99% uptime guarantee, businesses can be sure that their emails will be delivered on time and to the intended recipients. Additionally, the platform is scalable, which means that it can handle large volumes of emails without affecting deliverability rates.


Advanced Analytics

A number of cutting-edge technologies offered by Inboxroad are intended to increase email deliverability and provide organizations more control over their email communications. Analytics, delivery data broken down by ESP, domain, performance-based suggestions to help you improve outcomes, and access to your bounce data via a downloadable file in Dashboard are some of these capabilities.


Enhanced Security

Inboxroad takes security and privacy seriously, offering a range of advanced features to protect businesses. With the increasing threat of cyber attacks, it’s crucial for businesses to protect their sensitive information. 

We offer a range of security features to help businesses achieve this, including IP filtering and SSL encryption. IP filtering helps to prevent unauthorized access to the SMTP server, while SSL encryption ensures that all email transmissions are securely encrypted, reducing the risk of data breaches. Security features also include DKIM, SPF, DMARC, and two-factor authentication.


Competitive Pricing

Inboxroad offers affordable price packages that can be customized to meet specific corporate requirements. There are no setup costs or monthly minimums with the email plan pricing, which is based on the volume of emails sent. This makes it a cost-effective choice for enterprises with diverse email needs because companies just pay for the emails they send. 

There is a plan at Inboxroad that will suit your needs and budget, whether you run a small or large business.


Excellent Support

Inboxroad provides excellent support to its customers, with a dedicated support team available to answer questions and provide assistance. We provide detailed documentation and resources to help customers get the most out of their SMTP services. Our team of experts can help businesses with everything from setting up their SMTP server to troubleshooting any email delivery problems. Additionally, we offer monitoring services to ensure that businesses’ email deliverability rates remain high. Our specialists actively monitor the email delivery process and take immediate action to prevent any deliverability issues.

If any deliverability issues do arise, we also offer delisting services to help businesses quickly and easily remove their IP addresses from any blacklists. This ensures that businesses’ emails continue to be delivered to their intended recipients and reduces the risk of any reputational damage.


Even though free email services like Gmail or Yahoo may be suitable for personal use, for organizations that require more control, security, and flexibility over their email interactions, SMTP services should be taken into consideration. 

Inboxroad is a reliable, reasonably priced service that offers a wide range of benefits, making it a fantastic choice for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to our cutting-edge security features, dependable email delivery, and customizable SMTP server settings, our team can assist businesses in increasing email deliverability and protecting crucial data.