Tracking and Improving Email Deliverability

To ensure maximum deliverability for your emails, you need to put in proper strategies for tracking and improving email delivery. What do you need to do? This article is all about it. Let’s start:

Build your trust with email service providers

Email service providers aim to serve the best interest of the readers. So all the irrelevant and unfamiliar emails are usually directed to the SPAM or JUNK email automatically. If that happens, you are wasting your budget on email marketing. So what to do?
You’ll have to build your IP’s trust with these email service providers. For that, you can send the initial emails to a few addresses, probably to the ones that you know will surely engage with your emails. By taking this small step, you’ll establish your IP’s credibility, and your email will land in your potential customer’s Inbox easily. If you want to learn more about building you IP’s credibility, our blogpost on IP-warm is a great place to start!

Use proper authentication of your emails

This might be a bit technical, but keeping SPF in place can build your trustworthiness with the receiving service. By implementing SPF, the email server can cross check the IP address with the associated domain name to ensure legitimacy. Next to SPF, making sure you have taken care of DKIM and DMARC is equally important. You can read more about this in our blogpost about DMARC here.

Be sure to avoid sending spikes

One of the mistakes that loads of email-marketers might make is not creating or maintaining the right email schedule. This means any random activity from your IP/email address, which would most likely lead to email spikes.
These email spikes and erratic broadcasts from your email address will restrict your emails from reaching your customers. This odd behaviour will trigger the ISP’s anti-spam technology, resulting in emails being flagged, landing in spam or not being accepted at all.

Use personalization

Another aspect involving tracking and improving email deliverability is the use of personalization in emails. You can use the name of the recipients, so the chances of opening the emails get higher. This impacts the subsequent spamming list.

Summing Up

By following these simple tips, you can improve the tracking and deliverability of your emails and gather all the benefits from this marketing campaign type. But, to put it very simple, the very best way to improve deliverability is by sending content that your subscribers actually want. If your subscribers don’t read and interact with your emails, you can never build a good relationship leading to healthy engagement with your subscribers.