4 Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2021

Why is it important to be mindful of email marketing benchmarks? By comparing your company’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) against those of other companies within your same industry, or all industries in general, you will be able to position your success. Email marketing benchmarks are a great point of reference for determining which elements you should be improving in your campaigns.

email marketing benchmarks by industry

This blog post will cover four of the most popular email marketing metrics and their average benchmarks in 2021.

Open Rate

An open rate is the percentage of subscribers that open any given email. Your open rate can be an indication of the effectiveness of your email subject lines. Open rates are possibly the most important metric to track because subscribers cannot take action if they do not open your email campaigns.

The average email open rate for 2021 is about: 19%

Click Rate

A click rate, or a click-through rate (CTR), is the percentage of subscribers or recipients that click on any of the links in your email. This metric is an indication of the level of engagement and persuasion in your email content.

The average email click rate for 2021 is about: 2%

Bounce Rate

An email bounce rate refers to the percentage of emails that could not be delivered to a recipient’s inbox for one reason or another. In this post, you can read all about email bounce rates, the difference between hard and soft bounces, as well as how to limit them.

The average email bounce rate for 2021 is about: 0.70%

Unsubscribe Rate

An unsubscribe rate concerns the percentage of email users that unsubscribe from your email lists. Similar to click rates, an unsubscribe rate can be an indication of how engaging or relevant your emails are to the users you send them to.

The average email unsubscribe rate for 2021 is about: 0.20%