Best Time to Send Your Marketing Email

From creating a snappy subject line, engaging copy, and a brief and perfect call-to-action, there is so much that you insert into crafting an impressive marketing email. But many times, just a fraction of recipients open and read it. Sometimes people don’t even view your email, and you also become a victim of low email open rates, something that will hurt your email delivery.

Do you know why?

You haven’t considered the time to send your newsletter. Your scheduled time also impacts how high or low you will be your click-through or open rates. A great campaign that leads to conversion requires many big and small factors. But email marketing has become the most popular and effective marketing tool to generate and boost revenue. Right timing is the key factor that brings all effective ingredients together in email marketing.

Classic Tips: Best Time to Send a Newsletter

Here are few general tips for finding the right time to send an email that is widely accepted by the email marketing community:

  • Weekends have poor email click to open rates, and that is why most marketers avoid them like the plague. Weekends are the fun days when people are out and enjoy themselves with friends and family.
  • It is typically preferable to send out email campaigns during the day as you can find most recipients at work.
  • According to a study, 26% of emails are opened within an hour after being sent. While the others do not receive your email until a day or two later. It is advised to send any event-related emails at least 3-5 days before the event for the safe side.
  • It is the consensus that you should avoid sending out an email on Mondays. It is because people are already flooded with emails they’ve collected over the past few days. The very first thing they do on Monday is delete those emails.
  • According to emailing tradition, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the favorite days to send email campaigns. Email marketers seek to avoid Mondays and Fridays but consider these three days most popular to send email newsletters.
  • According to a few tried-and-tested approaches, sending emails in the middle of the week, particularly in the middle of the day tends to do pretty well. Slots from 9-11 am, and 1-3 pm are the best times in a day to send emails. It is pretty much a safe and reliable time to get high open rates also.


Are these tips applicable in all situations?

These are great tips to follow when you’re starting, but many situations quickly challenge all the above classical suggestions. There are several reasons for the failure or ineffectiveness of the old classic tips.

Let’s consider a situation: If you’re aiming for a tech-obsessed and youthful audience, you’ll accept that the usual rule of avoiding sending emails at night will never be implemented here. Evening and night emails may be more appropriate for younger audiences.

Similarly, everyone agrees that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to send out an email campaign. But what do you say about the emailing competition for these three days of the week?

Of course, you are not the only person in this world who has heard this sage advice. It means that your email will face a ton of competition by sending out emails on the “recommended” days and times. Although Mondays and Fridays are classically not recommended, who is to say they won’t work for you?

So, How to Find Out the Perfect Time to Send an Email?

The very first piece of advice for you is being comfortable with your uniqueness. No other one is you, and this is your superpower. You are unique, your business is unique in many ways from other businesses, and similar is the situation for your clients and audience.

In this mobile world, you have to get information about the kind of people who are your clients and potential customers? After finding the nature of your audience, you have to figure out an off-hour time for your emails. Your target audience is one-of-a-kind and requires careful thought and testing.

Ways to identify your audience and the right time to email them:

  • Take maximum advantage of your website and email analytics solutions to find out what situations work for you. Observe the patterns like high-click or open rates carefully to gather helpful information. Need a primer on email KPI’s to monitor? Read our blogpost 10 Email Marketing Metrics To Keep an Eye On.
  • You can send your audience feedback forms and surveys to avoid any guesswork and ask them how often they check their emails.
  • Use split testing techniques and send out email blasts to a small set of people at different times. Then, use the results to find a ‘real’ email launch.
  • Examine the outcomes of sending the identical message to various groups at different times. While weekends and Mondays are often considered “poor” days for email marketing, it all depends on your audience and their demands.



Your marketing emails can feel a dramatic change in the email open rates, but you’ll need to use the right techniques to decide the right time and day for pressing the “send” button. Time may be everything, but to stand out and provide the greatest possible experience to your readers, you must also pay attention to the quality of your material. It may help enhance the efficiency and success of your email marketing efforts.

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