Growing Your Email Contact List: A Few Top Tips

Pouring effort into templates, content and email marketing in general is useless without an interested, growing contact list to send emails to. An email list is the cumulation of email contacts, collected by businesses to market their products and/or services. Email addresses are typically collected by lead-generation, and target people who are likely to become future customers.

Lead-generation is “the process of identifying potential customers for your business’s products or services.” (Albacross, 2020) This process allows you to peak consumer interests, gain their contact information and, eventually, make a sale. In the email marketing landscape, lead generation refers to the collection of email addresses.

Several things can help or hinder the growth of your email list, but having an effective list is the first step to mastering email marketing.

But first, why is it crucial for you, as a marketer, to organically and ethically increase your email lists? HubSpot has found that each year about 22.5% of “email marketing databases naturally degrade”. There are many reasons for this, from people changing their email accounts to simply having unused email addresses. Therefore, by ensuring steady growth in your email list you can secure your marketing reach.

There are undesirable and ill-advised ways that some firms increase their email lists. The main unethical way is that some marketers buy email lists. Not only is this a waste of financial resources, but email services may prohibit you from sending emails and you would be breaching GDPR rules. Finding unsolicited emails in their inbox is a surefire way for people to unsubscribe from your list and possibly even report your business.

Growing Your Email List (ethically and for free)

We have five tips that you could use to grow your email list. By engaging in these techniques, your list will be filled with people genuinely interested in your business. The best way for you to maintain your lists is for people to have subscribed to you under their own free will in the first place.

Easy Sign-Ups

Make your subscriber sign-up page simple. Ask for basic information and stay clear from requesting private information. A hassle free sign-up decreases any stress on the part of the subscriber. Asking for only basic information keeps your potential customers at ease, especially at a time when data privacy is more valuable than ever.

Adding subscription links to your social media profiles are also beneficial. Don’t expect people to navigate your website in order for them to find a subscription form. Have it clearly placed on your social profiles.

Subscription Landing Pages

This leads to the next tip. Create a subscription landing page. Any person that finds interest in your offerings can then find a subscription form at the touch of a button. This landing page can include a small description about what subscribing would mean for your customer.

Give a Little Motivation

So, how can you nudge people into subscribing? Incentives work wonders. Motivations can range from promising discounts and personalized codes to e-book access and exclusive content. A subscription should feel value-adding rather than a source of inconvenience for future customers. Make your list subscriptions feel like entry into a private email club. Member-only newsletters and online tools are two examples of things you can offer your contacts.

Additionally, giveaways can be a major source of subscribers. The chance to win a selective, enticing prize leads many people into dedicating time and attention to your business. Everyone likes free stuff and, if a simple email subscription gets them one step closer to winning, they will take their chance.

Referral Campaigns

Invite three friends and receive a 50% discount on your next order. We have all seen these kinds of referral campaigns. Just like giveaways, attractive discounts or rewards can push customers into sharing your brand with people they know. This increases both brand trust and your email lists. Not to mention, you would also be encouraging organic word-of-mouth marketing.

(A good tip is to offer similar rewards for those who sign up through such campaigns)

Customer Reviews

Publishing customer reviews on a visible part of your website or social platforms is a method of increasing brand trust as well. Highlight the best reviews you receive, include a select few average reviews as well. Make your brand ‘real’. Show potential customers what they are getting into directly from your most satisfied consumers. You can add these reviews to your subscription landing pages as encouragement to sign-up.

Maintain Your Lists

Now that you have your growing email list, what can you do to maintain it? Compose emails that promote customer engagement. In this post, we provide several insights into increasing your email engagement. Keep your target audience engaged, feeling valued and satisfied with your firm.

By ethically increasing your email lists, you contribute to the development of a trustworthy brand. Grow your list and find success in the first step of your email marketing strategy.