Holiday Season Email Marketing Strategy

The stats from the National Retail Federation pointed to an unexpected increase in the holiday season sales for the year 2020. With a sudden jump of 8.3% in sales, you can feel how lucrative can the holiday season be for retail businesses.

If you want to encash this opportunity and bring home a small fraction of this growth, you must not leave any opportunity for attracting your customers. With the proven benefits of email marketing, it’s crucial to be ready for this time of the year.

However, not any email campaign would work when your competitors are putting in extra effort for grabbing their share. You have to customize as well, bringing in something special and more attractive for your potential customers. To help you get the most out of the holiday season email marketing campaign, we’ll share a few tips that you should incorporate into your activities. We are sure you’ll get the most benefit from these tips.

You don’t have to wait for any further to get to know some inside tricks and hacks to manage your email campaigns. Here they are:

The right time to start

One of the issues that most marketers face is determining the right time to start the campaign for the holiday season. A few of them start too early whereas the others wait until mid-December. In both cases, the effectiveness of the emails is reduced significantly.

By being too early, you won’t be able to capture the interest of the potential audience who would still be busy in their routine chores while being too late would trample your opportunity to earn cash.

Thus, the best time to start campaigns for the holiday season is the first week of November. This is the time when people start thinking about the holidays and shopping, so you would be neither too early nor too late. Want to learn more about timing your email just right? Read our blogpost about the best time to send your marketing email.

High-Quality campaign setup

The fact that it is the holiday season and people tend to shop shouldn’t discourage you from creating high-quality content for your customers.

The attention-grabbing and email opening rates would still depend upon how well you have created the content that resonates with your brand and brings in value for the customers. After all, a customer is always concerned about the value of the purchase irrespective of the season. If you want to be sure your emails are engaging and in line with your customers expectations, make sure to know what metrics to track in your email marketing.

There’s more than one holiday!

No doubt, Christmas is the biggest holiday season, but it is definitely not the only one. So, to bring in the best results for your holiday season email marketing campaigns, it is essential to target different holiday seasons other than Christmas.

Black Friday Deals, Halloween offerings, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving promotions are a few seasons to consider for making your holiday email campaigns holistic.

Going for different holiday seasons isn’t only important in terms of increasing sales. But with more email campaigns targeting the right customers, you can expect a boost in brand recognition too, thus providing you with a long-term impact of your efforts.

Trigger a buying instinct

Another important tip that can help you benefit most from the email campaign this holiday season is that you can’t leave your emails with the unending deals. There has to be a sense of urgency, requiring your buyers to take the action within a few hours, probably the same day.

The sense of urgency will trigger the click-through rate of your emails as well. How can you create a sense of urgency? Calling your customers for the “limited time offer” or the “sale ends today” or “within 3 days” can prove to be the efficient triggers.

Following up of abandoned cart

There can be multiple reasons for which customers can abandon a cart. One of the most prominent ones being the change of mind while buying the product. You can retarget these potential customers through your emails. Within the festive season, they might likely change their mind and become your customer.

Usually, marketers set three reminders. One of them is delivered within an hour of card abandonment; the other is delivered within 24 hours, whereas the last one is sent within a month. The stats show that approximately 60% of the abandoned cart owners finish their shopping once they are reminded about their abandoned carts and email seems to be the most appropriate medium for this purpose. With your effective email campaign, getting at least 60% of your customers back is definitely something lucrative, isn’t it?

Personalizing emails

Another strategy that tends to work in the email marketing campaign is using the element of personalization. Calling out your customer by their name makes them feel welcomed and more associated with your brand, thus bringing in more opportunities for purchases.

Besides, there are higher chances that you will read through or at least skim the content of the entire email if you have your name written in the salutation or subject.

Using the Subject line in the best possible way

The experts in email marketing advise you to utilize the subject line strong enough that the customers won’t resist opening it. Highlighting what values can be inside is one of the ways otherwise mentioning the end result, solution, or the problem to which your audience can relate. All these aspects can ensure the highest value.

Are you ready for your holiday season email marketing campaign?