Increasing Email Opt-Ins

In our road to the inbox blog, we’ve discussed topics regarding email list hygiene and list growth. We’ve covered the ways you can effectively manage your email lists to maintain active subscribers, as well as the ways you can ethically expand your list. But, how do you convince people to sign up for your list when the average person already receives 121 emails a day?

Email Opt-Ins

Email opt-ins are the way to go when you want to ethically increase your email contact lists. Opt-ins ensure that your email contacts willingly provide you with their email addresses. Opt-in emailing is an important email marketing tactic because it guarantees that users actually want to hear from you. It sees to it that you do not send unsolicited messages and run the risk of ending up in spam.

Email Opt-In Strategies

Lead Generation Practices

By making sure that you dedicate enough time, energy and engagement in your lead generation tactics, you are ultimately making sure that you gain interested users that go on to purchase your products. Nowadays, there are a number of websites using appealing and successful lead generation tools, which makes it even more vital to make yours eye-catching and convincing.

1.Double Opt-Ins

One way of setting yourself up as a trustworthy brand is to implement double opt-in. Double opt-in is the practice of making a subscriber head over to their inbox, verify their address and confirm their interest in your email list. Not only does this practice create an air of security for your subscribers, it can also assure you of their dedication to your email campaigns.

2.Live Chat

A recently popular lead generation tactic is the live chat. This feature allows customers to communicate with your brand without great difficulty, and it is an easy way of collecting email addresses. This practice combines great customer service with natural email opt-ins, which is a more successful and engaging tool in comparison to a regular web form.

3.Surveys, Quizzes and Polls

Many people enjoy participating in things like personality or fashion quizzes, interactive contests and giveaways, or simple surveys. By including this in your lead generation tactics, you create an opportunity for your customers to engage further with your brand. If you add incentives, such as a discount, you increase the chance of participation. The end of these surveys, quizzes or polls can include a space for your customers to leave their email addresses and receive their benefits.

Some Extra Tips

The three previously mentioned lead generation tactics might be great in increasing your email opt-ins, but how do you make sure that your list subscribers don’t unsubscribe?

Make Your Copy Valuable

When someone signs up to your list, they expect to receive messages that are worth their time and attention. Make sure that your copy is exciting, entertaining and personal. Subscribers can easily avoid opening emails or clicking on the links within the messages. If your copy is grasping enough in the first few emails that users receive, you reduce the chance of having low open and click rates.

Brand Trustworthiness

Aside from being entertained, people generally want to know that they are receiving messages and email campaigns from a trustworthy brand. You can do this by adding personal touches throughout your campaigns and newsletters. Build your brand awareness by including customer testimonials or working with other well known brands and influencers.