Step by step guide for our web API

Our WEB API gives you the possibility to send your campaigns with a single HTTP request as well as the ability to fully customize it.

Steps to take

  1. Make sure you have an active Inboxroad account. It can be created here.
  2. Obtain an API token. See next chapter.
  3. Start sending your emails!

Step 1: Obtain your token

For obtaining your API token, send a POST request to the following endpoint:

We have an interactive page where you can send your request.
The payload for the request should be JSON:

 "username": "string",
 "password": "string"
All fields are required.


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Step 2: Sending a message

You need a token to send a message. This can be done by following he above steps.

The token should be provided as an Authorization header with the following format:

Basic <your_token_here>

To send a message provide a POST request with a JSON payload for the endpoint:

The payload should be in the following format:

 "from_email": "",
"from_name": "string",
"to_email": "",
"to_name": "string",
"reply_to_email": "",
"reply_to_name": "string",
"subject": "string",
"text": "string",
"headers": {},
"html": "string",
"attachments": [
    "filename": "string",
    "mime_type": "string",
    "file_data": "base64_string"

Required fields

Field nameDescription
from_emailstring – a valid email like string that represents the sender
to_emailstring – a valid email like string that represents the receiver
textstring – a text field that contains the body of the message. If ‘html’ is empty this field is required
htmlstring – a html formatted string field that contains the HTML template of the email. If ‘text’ is empty this field is required.


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Step 3: Start sending your emails

You are reading to send emails! On this page we provide a warm up schedule, so you can start building your sender’s reputation.

Contact us if you need help

Details about our API can be found on our interactive page. Please reach out to our support team if you need help.