EasySendy set up

How to connect Inboxroad to EasySendy

In this guide you will learn how to connect Inboxroad to your EasySendy account in a few easy steps. Make sure you have your Inboxroad setup document at hand.

Step 1: Select Inboxroad

  • Go to your EasySendy dashboard, select Delivery Servers and click on Delivery Servers and Create New Server.
  • Select Inboxroad Web api in EasySendy.


Add Smtp Inboxroad web api in EasySendy Pro Delivery Server.

Step 2: Insert API Key

  • Go to your Inboxroad Admin > Settings > API key and click on the copy icon.


Copy API key from Inboxroad Admin

Step 3: Add data

  • Paste the Api key, fill in your From email and click Save changes.


Copy Paste API key Inboxroad to EasySendy

Step 4: Validation

  • Last step is to Validate Delivery Server in your EasySendy Pro account


Validate setup Inboxroad in Easysendy


Happy sending!