How to connect Inboxroad to Ongage

In this guide you will learn how to connect Inboxroad to your Ongage account in a few easy steps. Make sure you have your Inboxroad setup document at hand.

Step 1: Select Inboxroad

Go to the ESP/SMTP Vendors overview in the Ongage interface, under Vendor Settings, and select Inboxroad from the list. Continue to the next page.



Step 2: Email Attributes

In the ‘Email Attributes’ section fill in the following information:

  • List: Select an Ongage list
  • From name: Sender name that people see in their inbox
  • From address: Email address you use to send email from
  • Reply Address: The email address you use to receive email

note: the from address should contain the domain where the DKIM is signed. In this case:


Step 3: add SMTP Credentials

In the credentials section fill in the SMTP credentials you have received. You can find them in your Inboxroad setup document. Click on ‘verify credentials’.

note: the Return Path is usually bounce@{subdomain} Please check your Inboxroad setup document.


Step 4: Almost done!

After the credentials are verified. Continue and pick an account name for internal purposes. Save the setup and reach out to your Inboxroad account manager to see if your authentication is valid and if you are ready to start mailing. If you need help during the setup, please contact us.